Graber Post Buildings, Inc. Staff

Chad Wilson

Chad has been with Graber Post for over eight years, and is married to Glen's oldest daughter, Norma. Chad is a senior manager over Production, Information Technology, and Human Resources/Safety. Chad is working with Bill Graber, Doug Chapin, and Matt Meredith in these departments. Chad has three sons and one daughter and enjoys spending time with his family and his children's activities.

Paul Morris

Paul has been with Graber Post since 2011, and is married to Glen's youngest daughter, Denise. Paul is senior manager over Logistics, Sales, Contract Sales, and Engineering. Paul has two daughters and enjoys golfing, hunting, and fishing.

Jarrod Wilson

Jarrod has been with Graber Post since 2008, and is Glen's first grandchild. Jarrod is senior manager over Purchasing and Marketing. Jarrod is working with Steve Graber and Kenny Wagler in these departments. Jarrod is recently married and has two daughters, enjoys playing golf, and is currenlty working on receiving his pilot certificate.

Steve Graber
Steel Purchasing

Steve started on a building crew in 1977 and in 1982 began managing the Truss Plant. Since 2000, Steve has been the chief purchaser of our various steel products at Graber Post. Steve works his many contacts and suppliers to keep our prices low and our quality high.

Doug Chapin
Plant Manager

Doug is in charge of our metal roll forming, truss, and pole plant operations at Graber Post. He moved to Indiana from the Buckeye State in 1980 and has been with GPB since 2000.

Cole Wolford
Steel Purchasing / Coil Division

Cole has been working with Graber Post Buildings for the past few years. He moved into the coil division in 2011 assisting with coil inventory, purchasing, and coil sales to other roll forming operations. Cole and his wife, Beth, live in Plainville, IN along with their two sons Ike and Brees. He enjoys being a dad and is a fan of Purdue Athletics and Evansville Purple Aces basketball.

Marlin Swartzentruber
Building Crews Supervisor

Lavern Stoll
Assistant Supervisor of Crews

Lavern is one of the men who got Graber Post Buildings started, joining Glen Graber on the original crew back in 1973. He now works with our many Construction crews and customers to schedule building projects.

Melvin Wagler
Assistant Supervisor of Crews

David Ray Graber
Asst. Supervisor of Crews

Matt Meredith
Information Systems Manager

Matt joined Graber Post in 2009, but he was already very familiar with GPB's technology systems as our network administrator with his previous employer. Matt keeps Graber Post on the leading edge of technology.

Omer Graber
Building Estimator
Direct Line: 812-687-7968

Omer started at Graber Post on a construction crew in 1986. Since that time, he's been in various positions, but has been a buildings estimator the past several years. His construction experience is a huge benefit now in working with customers and understanding their building needs. Omer uses our GPB motto "working hard for your success" each day in working with each customer he is in contact with.

Clint Knepp
Building and Roofing Estimator
Direct Line: 812-687-7928

Clint has been with Graber Post since 1993 having started on one of our construction crews.

Kenny Graber
Building and Roofing Estimator
Direct Line: 812-687-7954

Kenny Joe moved into the Sales department in 2006 after spending 21 years on a building crew. He specializes in our Metal roofing at Graber Post.

Darrell Witmer
Building Estimator
Direct Line: 812-687-7931

Rich Graber
Building Estimator
Direct Line: 812-687-7970

Dennis Vaught
Building Estimator
Direct Line: 812-687-7935

Travis Wagler
Building Estimator

Travis worked in construction prior to becoming a building estimator for Graber Post. He lives in Cannelburg, IN, with wife Karen and son Payton.

Jeff Iddings
Outside Sales

Jeff comes to Graber Post with 10 years of outside sales experience, having sold for Kuntry Lumber of LaGrange, Indiana, and Nottawa Lumber of Nottawa, Michigan. Prior to Lumber sales, Jeff was in Law Enforcement for 13 years.

At Graber Post Buildings, Jeff will service wholesale customers throughout the Midwestern states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Sam Graber
Wholesale Accounts
Direct Line: 812-687-7972

Sam has been with Graber Post since 1980 and has been in the Sales Dept. since 2000.

Jim Swartzentruber
Wholesale Accounts
Direct Line: 812-687-7950

After working part time while attending college, Jimmy joined GPB full time upon graduating in May, 2008. Jim is a very loyal St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan.

Leon Graber
Wholesale Accounts
Direct Line: 812-687-7958

Delmar Wagler
Wholesale Accounts
Direct Line: 812-687-7934

Delmar has been with Graber Post since 2006, having started in the Truss plant, then moving into the retail and Wholesale accounts area.

Joe Higgins

Joe has been with Graber Post Buildings for nine plus years working mostly in the metal buildings in housekeeping. He has most recently been working with inventory control and other special projects. He and his wife, Debra, have three sons, three daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. Joe was a baseball and basketball coach for better than twenty-five years in the North Daviess school system, and currently is scouting for the football program.

Joe Robinson
Contractor Sales
Direct Line: 812-687-7952

Joe will be working with local and area contractors for Graber Post. His background in construction and the building materials business is an excellent fit for his role at GPB.

Norm Knepp
Direct Line: 812-687-7967

Norm has 13 years of House Constructing Experience and can supply you with a complete home package and help coordinate your house construction needs. He's married to wife Danielle and has 1 Daughter, Nyah. Norm lives in Cannelburg.

Ed Cox
Hardware Purchasing
Direct Line: 812-687-7940

Ed has a purchasing background of over 20 years. He'll be doing a good bit of the purchasing for our GPB Hardware store.

Norm Graber
Retail Sales/Hardware

Marvin Stoll
Retail Sales / Hardware
Direct Line: 812-687-7940

Marvin is one of our retail sales/purchasing professionals in our Hardware store and retail counter.

Daryl Graber
Retail Sales

Daryl is part of our Retail Sales team and comes to Graber Post after working in construction for the past several years. He lives in Montgomery with his wife and 2 daughters.

Ken Wagler

Ken has been in the post frame industry for over 24 years, the past 13 for Graber Post.

Homer Stoll

Homer is one of the original GPB employees joining Glen Graber on the original construction crew back in 1973. Homer has spent the past several years in the Graber Post purchasing department.

Janet Wagler
Purchasing Assistant

Janet is an administrative assistant in the GPB Purchasing Department, working with our many product vendors as well as our wholesale and retail customers, keeping them up to speed with pricing for the many products we manufacture and distribute.

Lucas Ford
Human Resources

Lucas joined Graber Post in 2011 after graduating from Indiana University with a Bachelors Degree in Business. Lucas is married, has one son, and lives in Washington.

Wilmer Stoll
Truss Sales

Dave Graber
Truss Sales

Dave started at Graber Post working in our Truss plant in 1986. He moved into our Truss Sales area in 2006.

Dustin Stoll

Dustin has worked at Graber Post since 2003, starting part time in the metal siding manufacturing department. In 2008, he moved to his current position in drafting. Dustin has a Master's degree in Architecture from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Brook Tarr
Staff Engineer

Brook is a Professional Engineer now on staff at Graber Post. He graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute with a B.S. Degree in Civil Engineerin. His family includes his wife, Tara, and 2 children, Liam and Saylor.

Don Graber

Don's been with Graber Post since 1973. Don is involved in the pre-construction phase of your project, inspecting the site just prior to construction to cover any last minute changes or details.

Marty Graber

Marty started at Graber Post in 1978 working on a construction crew. In 2007, he moved into his current position. Marty is involved in the earliest phase of your building project with an on-site inspection, taking measurements to insure you get an accurate quote.

Accounting Department

From left: Mary Wagler, Denise Knepp, Stephanie Summers, Karen Yoder, Monica Wagler, Rachel Graber, Brenda Knepp, Jennifer Wagler.

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