The M-Rib panel is the newest profile offering at GPB. It is manufactured at our Missouri plant with the latest roll forming equipment available from Bradbury. This profile has the unique look of Standing Seam but installs similar to G-Rib. This panel is primarily used for roofing applications but can be used on sidewalls as well.



M-Rib panel





m-rib specifications




  • Available in 29 & 26 gauge
  • 22 flat colors & 6 textured colors
  • 36″ coverage
  • 12″ rib spacing
  • 3/4″ rib height
  • Cut to the 1/2″ inch
  • CERAM-A-STAR 1050 40-year paint warranty
  • AZ-50 Substrate for Painted Panels or AZ-55 Substrate for Galvalume Non-Painted Panels
  • Anti-siphon leg ensures a weather-tight seal