Easily Customizable Shed House Plans

Want to bring the superior build and beautiful design of a post-frame building to your new home? Then a shed house from Graber Post Buildings will help you do just that. Shed houses have become popular in recent years due to their easy customization, fast build time, and efficiency. With the help of our shed house builders, we can create a shouse for you that can be put up in a matter of weeks, not months. We offer six unique shouse floor plans to get our clients started, but we are open to creating custom plans if none of ours meets your exact needs. If you are interested in building a shouse on your property, contact our team today for pricing and more information!

6 Unique Shouse Floor Plans For You To Choose From

Over the past several months, we have created shouse floor plans that are truly one of a kind and sure to meet the needs of our Midwest clients. Here are the six shed house models we currently offer:

All our shouse floor plans come at different price points, so we are sure to find something that meets your space needs and budget. If you are interested in purchasing a shed house from Graber Post Buildings, fill out an online form to get in touch with our team today!


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dove shed house


mockingbird shouse


nightingale shouse floor plans


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shed house plans



Experienced Shed House Builders Ready to Tackle Your Project

When it comes time to actually build your shouse, there is no team to trust like the shed house builders here at Graber Post Buildings. Our team has years of experience in post-frame construction for both residential and commercial purposes. And, because we are a larger company, we have access to the best post-frame materials in the Midwest. We have the buying power to get you the building supplies you need for your shouse, at half the rate. Not to mention, our shed house builders work quickly, so you can start enjoying your home in a matter of weeks and not months and even years like you would with a typical new construction home. If you are interested in learning more, contact our team today to get a free estimate!

Get a Free Quote On Your Shed House Today!

 As you can see, there are many advantages to creating a shed house on your property. The ease of installation and customizable design make this new house trend one that greatly benefits the customers. And, when you partner with Graber Post Buildings, you can get peace of mind knowing you are working with shed house builders who have decades of post-frame construction experience. Check out our shouse floor plans in more detail, or contact our team today to get started designing your own. We look forward to breaking ground on your new home!